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Reputation Management Pricing & Bad Reputation Impact

It’s estimated that companies across the country lose roughly $537 billion each and every year due to poor online reputations. Many different items often cause these online reputations. Customer reviews are available through many different inspection sites, in addition to through the business’ own site, and are considered by many the opinion of a business’ products or services. In one study by Harvard University, researchers decided that for each and every star increase in a company’ Yelp rating they experienced a five to nine percent growth.

The researchers discovered the fact that there’s roughly an eighteen percent gap in revenue between a restaurant with a 3 star Yelp rating and a restaurant with a five star Yelp score. Where a restaurant produces approximately one million dollars in earnings, this distinction is roughly 1 billion million dollars in lost sales each year. This is a result of the fact that roughly eighty percent of consumers won’t buy goods or services from companies that suffer reviews.

On the flip side, as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Sony have proven businesses with reputations that are online are usually the leaders in their markets. As it takes between ten to offset one review, it is necessary to get a great abundance of testimonials. A company which also works to honestly address negative reviews can enhance in their customers’ eyes.